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Over the past 10 years, Bruin Consulting has developed unique experience and expertise over a range of industries and project scopes.

We recruit UCLA's most capable and dedicated students so that every project is completed to a professional standard.

Our Services

Market Research

We talk to customers and provide the perspective of the UCLA student population to create a clear customer profile.

Product Development

We provide valuable feedback over the course of the development process to improve product usability and marketability.

Competitive Analysis

We complete a broad overview of the competitive landscape, as well as an extensive research into competitor capabilities.

Brand Identity

We help envision a memorable identity to increase brand recognition and better appeal to the modern customer.

Expansion Strategy

We leverage our experience in analyzing both domestic and international markets to ensure a successful expansion.

Market Entry

We conduct extensive research and analysis of product use cases to ensure a successful market launch.

Project Process

We work with clients over a period of 12 to 14 weeks to find actionable recommendations that can create lasting impact.

Each project is assigned to a team of consultants, usually consisting of a project manager, two senior advisors, and four consultants.

We continously engage with our clients to ensure that the project evolves according to the client's needs. Usually, we organize weekly meetings to keep the client updated with our progress.


Identify pain points and discuss business needs


Draft project roadmap and outline time frame

Research & Analyze

Derive recommendations from extensive research and analysis


Present findings, data, and insights directly

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