Great teams create great results

Our People Make Us Different

We come from a range of academic backgrounds, bringing a diversity of experiences and skillsets. But we all share a deep passion for delivering impactful results, and that's evident in everything we do.

We draw on UCLA's immense base of intellectual capital to provide an innovative perspective on today's most pressing problems. From the sciences to the arts, our consultants bring with them a spectrum of academic and professional experiences.

We challenge each other to think differently, so we can provide solutions that are suited to the needs of the millenial generation.

Executive Board

English 2021

Lauren joined BC Winter of 2018 and has since worked on projects ranging from nonprofit to Fortune 500. In the nonprofit project, she explored her passion for social impact consulting and developed a strategy for a worldwide housing nonprofit. She also managed a project with Amazon as she fine-tuned her skills in product-market fit analyses and product implementation strategies.

Lauren will be an Associate Consultant Intern at Bain & Co. NYC this summer.

Lauren Cameron


Cognitive Science 2021

James joined BC in Winter 2018, and has since worked with two tech startups to enter new markets. Recently, he managed a project creating a business plan for a LA-based social enterprise.

James will be joining EY-Parthenon as an M&A Strategy Consulting intern.

James Beasley

Internal Vice President

Business Economics 2021

After joining BC in Winter 2018, Kaelee has worked on a diverse array of projects including a food discovery app and a Fortune 500 online retailer. Most recently, she led a project for a financial management firm and worked to research fee structures within the industry.

Kaelee will be a Summer Analyst in the Human Capital Management division at Goldman Sachs in New York this summer.

Kaelee Holmes

External Vice President

Mathematics 2021

Bryan joined BC in Fall 2018 and has worked on a variety of projects for organizations ranging from a Y Combinator investment app to a Fortune 500 medical device company. Most recently, he managed a project focused on identifying pain points and growth opportunities within the medical imaging industry for an image analysis startup.

Bryan will be an Associate Consultant Intern at Bain & Co. this summer.

Bryan Zhao

VP of Finance

Statistics 2021

Since joining BC in Winter 2018, Daniel has worked on clients ranging from startups to Fortune 500 medical device companies to tech unicorns. Most recently, he managed a project developing an e-transportation strategy for the UCLA campus.

Daniel will be working at Asana as a Data Science Intern.

Daniel Luo

VP of Client Relations

Project Managers

Statistics & Economics 2022

Claire joined BC in Fall of 2018 and has worked on projects for local LA nonprofit organizations and a medical AI startup. She is currently the Project Manager for an American media corporation, working on optimizing advertisement revenue streams.

Claire will be interning at Visa this summer.

Claire Li
Business Economics 2022

Derreck joined BC in Winter of 2019 and has worked on a project for a Series-B investment app startup and a medical image labeling software company. He is currently the Project Manager for a early-stage computer software startup that specializes in streaming live events, working on exploring potential market verticals for the company to enter.

Derreck will be interning at Uber this summer.

Derreck Chu
Computer Science 2022

Prithvi joined BC in Winter of 2019 and has worked as a consultant for a growing investing app startup and early-stage software security startup. He is currently the Project Manager for a top-5 most trafficked website, leading a team to develop a data-driven advertising sales strategy.

Prithvi will be a software engineering intern at Microsoft this summer.

Prithvi Kannan
Business Economics 2021

Annie joined BC in Winter 2019 and has experience with projects regarding e-transportation for a top ride share company as well as strategy for a a medical imaging analysis startup. She is currently a Project Manager for a developing startup in the hairstyling industry, working on growth strategies and product development.

This summer she will be traveling and working for a local boutique consulting firm, Standish Management.

Annie Pollak


Amanda Tiab

Amanda will be joining Bain & Company full time after graduation as an Associate Consultant.

Ali Merkl

Ali will be joining Boston Consulting Group full time after graduation as an Associate.

Ryan Olstad

Ryan will be joining The Walt Disney Company full time after graduation as a Direct-to-Consumer & International Strategy Analyst.

Ishita Banerjee

Ishita will be joining Goldman Sachs full time after graduation as an Investment Banking Analyst.

Alex Longerbeam

Alex will be joining Facebook full time after graduation as a Software Engineer.

Jenna Neher

Jenna will be joining Barclays this summer as a Tech and Healthcare Investment Banking Summer Analyst.

Chloe Jiang

Chloe will be joining Google this summer as a Software Engineering Intern.

Tanish Ambulkar

Tanish will be joining Akuna Capital this summer as a Developer Intern.

Meghal Dubey

Meghal is currently working as a Growth Consultant at Fanimal.

Chase Holliman

Chase will be joining Amazon this summer as a Marketing Specialist Intern.

Liam Mickelsen

Liam was previously a Fall Analyst at Watertower Group.

Harsh Chobisa

Harsh will be joining Apple this summer as a Software Engineering Intern.

Trevor Child

Trevor was previously an Investing Banking Fall Analyst at Park Lane.

Ryan Macmillan

Ryan will be joining Moelis as an investment banking summer analyst.


Akhil Rastogi

Mathematics & Economics 2022

Nehariika Kakkar

Statistics 2022

Sofia Tam

Applied Mathematics 2022

Rehan Chinoy

Mathematics & Neuroscience 2022

Miranda Wu

Business Economics 2023

Conner Yang

Computer Science 2023

Nathaniel King

Business Economics 2023

Tait Taniguchi

Cognitive Science & Economics 2023

Rishi Jaaswal

Business Economics 2023

Jimmy Zhou

Business Economics 2023

Riley Noon

Business Economics 2023

Arturo Rodrigues

Mathematics & Economics 2023

Yash Tandon

Computer Science 2022