Great teams create great results

Our People Make Us Different

We come from a range of academic backgrounds, bringing a diversity of experiences and skillsets. But we all share a deep passion for delivering impactful results, and that's evident in everything we do.

We draw on UCLA's immense base of intellectual capital to provide an innovative perspective on today's most pressing problems. From the sciences to the arts, our consultants bring with them a spectrum of academic and professional experiences.

We challenge each other to think differently, so we can provide solutions that are suited to the needs of the millenial generation.

Executive Board

Materials Engineering 2025

Shayona joined BC in the Winter of 2022 and has since worked on projects for NVIDIA, Oracle, FreeWater and more.

Shayona will be working as a Global Markets intern for Bank of America, Merrill Lynch this summer.

Shayona Sengupta


Computer Science 2025

Sanji joined BC in Winter of 2022 and has since worked on projects for BeReal, FitBod, and Natsana.

Sanji worked as a security engineering intern at Google this past summer.

Sanji Pamidimukkala

Internal Vice President

Business Economics and Cognitive Science 2025

Jake joined BC in the Fall of 2022 and has since worked on projects for Fitbod and Capsule.

Jake will be joining BCG LA this summer.

Jake Santaniello

External Vice President

Political Science 2025

Taryn joined BC in the Fall of 2022 and has since worked on projects for Handshake, FreeWater, and Capsule.

Taryn Sutherlin

VP of Marketing

Computer Science and Stats and Data Science 2026

Raj joined BC in the Winter of 2023 and has worked on projects for Lapse and Intel.

Raj will be working as a Product Manager intern for Labelbox this summer.

Raj Jain

VP of Commercial Operations

Project Managers

Political Science 2025
Taryn Sutherlin
Computer Science and Linguistics 2025
Manvel Muradyan
Data Theory 2026
Brook Chuang
Economics and Environmental Science 2025
Michael Crannel


Cole Hume

Philosophy 2024

Amy Zheng

Business Economics and Data Science 2026

Ben Kane

Business Economics 2025

Tejes Srivalsan

Computer Science 2025

Alejandra Gomez Perez

Business Economics 2024

Hudson Grace

Business Economics and Math 2025

Jayden Barnholtz

Business Economics 2025

Nate Walker

Business Economics 2025

Angelina Lue

Comp Sci and Econ 2025

Sarah Sotoudeh

Data Theory 2024

Lisa Hercot

Business Economics 2024

Kratik Agrawal

Computer Science 2024

Laura de Beer

Business Economics 2024

Trinity Chang

Business Economics 2024

Avantika Rozario

Business Economics 2024

Anya Sastrena

Economics 2024

Connie Liang

Cognitive Science 2024

James Freedman

Economics 2024

Megan McHugh

Political Science and Global Studies 2024


Coco Baek

Cognitive Science 2026

Mark Vollmer

Business Economics 2026

Andrew Schneiderman

Business Economics 2026

Gage Weingart

Business Economics 2026

Parker Kinsey

Business Economics 2026

Simone Yu

Statistics 2026

Ashley Chan

Math of Computation 2026

Michelle Liou

Business Economics 2027

Karl Wang

Statistics 2027

Ansu Lee

Statistics 2027

Maksim Sackx

Business Economics 2027

Jaanya Chawla

Computational Biology 2027

Hayleigh Liu

Computer Science 2027

Zuzu Bikahi

Business Economics 2027

Sophia Doyle

Mathematics and Economics 2026

Saya Mueller

Business Economics 2027

Zach Watkins

Economics and Philosophy 2027

Victoria Anthony

Business Economics 2027

Daniela Vartani

Business Economics 2027


Lauren Cameron

Lauren is an Associate Consultant at Bain & Company.

James Beasley

James is an Associate at EY-Parthenon.

Kaelee Holmes

Kaelee is a Senior Analyst at Goldman Sachs.

Bryan Zhao

Bryan is an Associate Consultant at Bain & Company.

Statistics 2021

Daniel is a Data Scientist at Asana.

Jenna Neher

Jenna is an Investment Banking Analyst at Barclays.

Chloe Jiang

Chloe is a Software Engineer at Google.

Tanish Ambulkar

Tanish is a Machine Learning Engineer at Credit Karma.

Chase Holliman

Chase is a Marketing Specialist at Amazon.

Annie Pollak

Annie is a Management Consultant at PwC.

Harsh Chobisa

Harsh is a Software Engineer at Apple.

Prithvi Kannan

Prithvi is a Software Engineer at Databricks.

Claire Li

Claire is a Business Analyst at McKinsey and Company.

Trevor Child

Trevor is a Business Analyst at McKinsey and Company.

Yash Tandon

Yash is currently working as a Software Engineer t VMWare.

Akhil Rastogi

Akhil is an Associate at Boston Consulting Group.

Derreck Chu

Derreck is an Associate Consultant at Bain & Company.

Ryan Macmillan

Ryan is an Investment Banking Analyst at Moelis & Company.

Sofia Tam

Sofia is a Business Analyst at McKinsey & Company.

Liam Mickelsen

Liam is an Investment Banking Analyst at Citi.

Nehariika Kakkar

Neharika is an Associate Consultant at Bain & Company.

Rehan Chinoy

Rehan is a AI/ML Engineer at Frontier Medicines.

Meghal Dubey

Meghal is an Associate Analyst at Visa.

Rishi Jaaswal

Rishi is a developer at Reliance Technologies Inc.

Miranda Wu

Miranda is a product manager at Microsoft.

Conner Yang

Conner is a software engineer at TikTok.

Samantha Fredberg

Samantha is a financial analyst at Goldman Sachs.

Hannah Lee

Hannah is a research intern at Prologue Strategy.

Jeffrey Shen

Jeffrey is a data scientist at Atlassian.

Riley Noon

Arturo Rodrigues

Arturo is an investment analyst at Blackstone.

Nathaniel King

Nathaniel is an investment banking analyst at Bank of America.

Tait Taniguchi

Tait is the founder and CEO of Metis.